Taekwon-do Classes for Kids & Adults

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Taekwon-do for Kids - Classes for all ages!

Ages 6 -7

A 30 minute class twice a week designed to teach young students the basics.  We concentrate on the fundamentals of Taekwon-Do, working on proper stances and techniques.  The students will learn discipline, and respect for themselves and others.  They will come out of this program being able to understand and appreciate tasks and goals set out for them.  Once the student has proven that they can manage the curriculum of the regular program they can move up to the Beginners class.

Beginners ages 8+

  • White belts
  • Ages 8+
A 50 minute class set up to give beginners their roots in Taekwon-Do.  Students will learn the fundamentals that they will need to progress in martial arts and in life.  Self-defense, discipline, and respect are key aspects to this program. With an emphasis on fun and teamwork, students will become more skilled in Taekwon-Do.

Color Belts ages 8+

  • Yellow Belts and up
  • Ages 8+
A 55 minute class for students that have experience in Taekwon-Do.  Students will expand on the fundamentals that they have learned.  They will continue to progress on their way to Black Belt level.  Some emphasis will be turned towards conditioning and free sparring.  More advanced techniques will be used in patterns, sparring, and self defense.
All Students at Green Belt level or higher must have full sparring gear; hands, feet, head gear and mouth guard.  It is strongly encouraged that boys wear groin protection for class.
Sparring gear must be purchased at the Dojang.  Pricing is listed at the dojang and on our app.
Male students that wish to compete in tournaments must wear groin protection.


All students are eligible to test in order to progress to their next belt level.  A written test must be completed and payment must be submitted on the due date that is posted on the “Events” page of our app.  This date is usually a week before the actual belt testing date.  Classes are mandatory leading up to a belt testing date or you will be ineligible to test even though you have completed your written test.  Attendance is taken every class and students that miss too many classes or arrive late too many times will not be eligible to test.
All belt testing dates are on a Saturday and days and times are posted on the Events section on our app.

Monthly Rates (subject to change)
1 Family Member: $125
2 Family Members: $240
3 Family Members: $345

All families must reside at the same address and pay from one account to be eligible for the discount.

Student Handbook : $25.00
Color Belt Test Fee : $50.00
Registration fee: $50 per student, $75 per family.
All membership fees are non-refundable.
GST and a processing fee will be an extra charge on all transactions.